Book Blue Hole Trip, Cairo By Air Trip, Ras Mohamed Sea Trip and get FREE Dolphin Show Trip

Blue Hole Trip

Blue Hole in the Red Sea is a popular diving location on east Sinai, a few kilometers north of Dahab, Egypt on the coast of the Red Sea. The Blue Hole is a submarine sinkhole [a kind of cave], around 100 to 130 m deep. There is a shallow opening around 6 m deep, known as ‘the saddle’, opening out to the sea, and a 26 m long tunnel, known as the arch, the top of which lies at a depth of 56 m. The hole itself and the surrounding area have an abundance of coral and reef fish.

Cairo By Air Trip

Visiting Cairo, Egypt’s capital and Africa’s largest city, can be an over than experience. You can enjoy the numerous historic buildings of the city’s many rulers: Arab, Roman, Greek, Turkish, British and French. and of course there are the Pyramids and the Sphinx just outside Cairo, in Giza. Cairo is also a great place to shop, visiting some Coptic and Islamic Sightseeing.

Ras Mohamed Sea Trip

Ras Muhammad National Park is one of Egypt’s most popular dive and snorkeling sites. With a large variety of fish, corals and sharks calling this part of the Red Sea home, you’ll enjoy an exciting day exploring the magical underwater world.

FREE Dolphin Show Trip

Sharm dolphins show in a pleasant atmosphere of the beautiful art movements that receive impress adults and children were all that dancing with the sounds of music where dancing dolphins in a large swimming pool. So do not think and take more time to take the decision, its particular pleasure for you. Sharm dolphins show it will be around 45 minutes of fun, excitement and enjoyment from the dolphins.

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