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Cairo By Air Trip From Sharm El Sheikh

Visiting Cairo, Egypt’s capital and Africa’s largest city, can be an over than experience. You can enjoy the numerous historic buildings of the city’s many rulers: Arab, Roman, Greek, Turkish, British and French. and of course there are the Pyramids and the Sphinx just outside Cairo, in Giza. Cairo is also a great place to shop, visiting some Coptic and Islamic Sightseeing.

Luxor By Air Trip From Sharm

Fly to Luxor for the day to see its most famous sights in one day. Visit Karnak Temple on the East bank and see the Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut Temple on the West bank before a return to Sharm that evening.

Hot Air Balloon in Luxor

For unbeatable views of Luxor’s famous temples, take a hot-air balloon flight over the Nile River’s west bank. Away from the crowds in the peaceful glow of dawn, your sunrise flight over Egypt’s ancient monuments promises to be a highlight of your visit.
Following a safety briefing and introduction to your ground crew and pilot, you will rise gently into the still-dark sky. The tranquility and beauty of the early-morning sun rising over the East Bank, illuminating the city of Luxor and surrounding mountains, is something you will never forget.
To the east you can see Karnak Temple greeting the morning sun, while adjacent in the west there’s the magnificent Hatshepsut Temple. You’ll see the Colossi of Memnon rise from the crop fields and, winds permitting, fly over the Ramesseum for an unrivaled aerial view of the complex. In the distance, the hidden Valley of the Queens rests peacefully in the mountains.

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