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Services | Sharm Excursions- Trips all Over Egypt

Sharm Excursions & Day Tours

Aqua Blue Sharm providing you a multiple sharm el sheikh excursions day tours Whether that is implemented in Sharm or Cairo or Luxor or any tourist destination in Egypt or runs from Sharm el sheikh to outside Egypt, especially to Petra, Jordan and Jerusalem.

We provide a variety types and excursions day tours categories like red sea trips, desert safari adventures, airplane tours, bus coach tours, snorkeling trips, entertainment activities, water sports, diving excursions, holy land tours, adventure tours, sightseeing tours, boat cruises trips, sea and desert mixed tours.

Our tours cover the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt and we implement them par excellence by the lowest prices available in the market also we provide high quality services.

With Aqua Blue Sharm you will Explore Your Dreams! take your excursions ways from our variety sharm trips to make your dreams come true and get enjoyable time and memorable experiences!

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Sharm El Sheikh Excursions and Day Tours

Sharm Transfer Services

Aqua Blue Sharm provide elite and cheap transfer and ground transport services

If you look forward to make your holiday in Egypt airports transfer. to reduce airports stress and start your vacation in style, Aqua Blue Sharm Transfer Services provide that for you.

Pre-booking your airport transfers is a quick and simple process and you will we get your confirmation fastest you can imagine and in easy way for all Egypt airports transfers.

Aqua Blue Sharm understand your special day you need reliable, clean, and enjoyable transfer services, which is why we strive to meet you at a price range you can afford.

Aqua Blue Sharm provide transfer services in Sharm el Sheikh, Cairo, Luxor, Dahab, Taba, Nuweiba, Hurghada, Marsa Allam, Aswan, Alexandria.

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Sharm El Sheikh Transfer Services

Domestic Airline Tickets

Aqua Blue Sharm expert in provide the low price and the availability especially in high season.

Aqua Blue Sharm do not just book domestic airline ticket only but also offers transportation services to and from airports to hotels and other places according to the client’s desire, Our services integrated!

Aqua Blue Sharm provide responsible domestic airfares on best airlines working in Egypt as follow: EgyptAir, EgyptAir Express, Air Cairo, AMC Airlines, Smart Aviation Company, Nesma Airlines, Air Memphis and Petroleum Air Services.

Aqua Blue Sharm provide cheap and low cost airfares for domestic flight runs between Egypt airports as follow: Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport, Cairo International Airport, Luxor International Airport, Hurghada International Airport, Aswan International Airport, Abu Simbel Airport, Taba International Airport, St.Catherine International Airport, Alexandria International Airport, Marsa Alam International Airport, Port Said Airport, Borg El Arab Airport, Sohag International Airport and Assiut Airport.

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Egypt Domestic Airline Tickets

Sharm Packages Tours

Aqua Blue Sharm providing a range of trips collected in bundles or packages tours which enables you to discover and achieve your dreams during your holiday in Egypt and these packages meet the wishes of all sects and groups of all tourist, and carefully designed to fit the expectations of the customers of all categories and desires , and also at low prices you will not find the same prices in any other companies or tour operators.
Aqua Blue Sharm specialist in this field and always offer what appeals to customers, visitors and makes their trips and vacations unforgettable memories . Aqua Blue Sharm show you a range of tours packages varied and continuously renewable. Aqua Blue Sharm is keen to provide the lowest prices available , while maintaining the quality of our service to you.
Aqua Blue Sharm always be happy to provide services are worthy of the brand name of our company at the same time were always strive to meet the customer’s wishes and aspirations through the exploitation of our experience, our tools, our relationship and our skills to provide all that is needed to achieve the objective which is to satisfy the wishes of the customer exceeds the imagination.
Aqua Blue Sharm Said “You will not imagine the how is the experience with us, till try it by yourself. Think about it and take your decision you will not regret”, waiting your enquiries.

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Sharm El Sheikh Packages Tours

Organize Your Tours

Aqua Blue Sharm offers you the possibility to define the features of your trip and your tour in Egypt and leave you full free to organize and coordinate your trip and also offers you advice and assistance of specialists and experts in order to help customers choose the best solutions for them and provide all kinds of support to achieve it and choose the best tours and about the prices we promise you that it’s will not compare with any company or another tour operator. we will offer you the best price for you.

Aqua Blue Sharm will help you to organize your trip or customize your touring or built you tour package by easy way and offers many alternatives solutions to get best experience and best price by good choices.

Aqua Blue Sharm care about every single part of your needs and all details you will set it in your touring it will be our duties, just take the experiment with us and you will see how is the help will be in this type of our services.

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Organize Your Tours in Egypt

WiFi Portable Modem Rental

Aqua Blue Sharm always working on to provide every facilities you need in your vacation holiday in egypt so we offer you this unique services to provide you internet services every where you go and in all resorts and hotels in sharm!

Yes, it’s cheaper now to use internet at sharm hotels without pay much money to the hotels.

Aqua Blue Sharm give you the solutions to enjoy using internet at your smartphones and laptops everywhere you want by low cost price and the price we offer you will never ever compare with the hotels and resorts in sharm provide it to you and also the speed and free using 24/7.

Aqua Blue Sharm Said “To all tourists prepare to visit sharm any enjoy your vacation here don’t worry about use Skype to make phone calls home – much cheaper than using your UK mobile – Facetime, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram also your follow your email and Games for kids, etc. also don’t worry about pay the extortionate roaming charges.”

Aqua Blue Sharm deliver daily to all hotels and collect on the day of departure.

Rent WiFi Modem

Rent Cheap WiFi Portable Modem in Sharm El Sheikh

Offer Special Programs

Aqua Blue Sharm offer and provide in certain times of the year some special programs that displays for specific periods and linked to specific occasions and specific offers and prices distinct subspecies and new types of tours such as new year and christmas holidays.

Aqua Blue Sharm always working on make researches on the tourist market needs and provide this services as we see the tourists need and how they need it to be so, we put our experts always to create some special programs in specific periods during a year that you when you planing your holiday you will find you needs here in our website and you will reach to get the programs fit to your needs and make you satisfied.

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Offer Special Programs and Offers in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm Event Booking

Aqua Blue Sharm provide you to booking all events and parties happened in sharm el sheikh and provide tickets for all your needs in sharm by very good price and also offer you transfers between the night clubs and places of the parties and your hotels and resorts or any place you stay in sharm.

Aqua Blue Sharm offer you many options for nightlife and entertainment events in sharm.
Aqua Blue Sharm offer you to book all Best DJ’s of the world in sharm el sheikh like Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, David Guetta, Afrojack, Dash Berlin and Aly & Fila.

Aqua Blue Sharm offer you to book all events in Space Sharm, Viva Beach, Bus Stop , Camel Bar, Fantasia, Hard Rock Café Namaa Bay, Hard Rock Café Nabq Bay, La Vita, Little Buddha Bar, Monty’s Bar , Pacha, Pacha Boat, Pangaea, Privilege Lounge, The Echo Temple, The Zone, Viva Beach, El Fanar Beach party, Phoenix Bar , Terrazinna beach, St George’s Bar, La Strada, Viva Bar Nabq, SOHO SQUARE, Dolce vita sharm el sheikh.

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Sharm El Sheikh Event Booking

Aqua Blue Sharm Team Work

Ahmed Saad

Web & Online Marketing Manager

Online Marketing Masters Degree in Tourism Industry, E-Tourism and E-Marketing Professional, SEO Specialist, Content Management Expert, Conference Speakers, Member of International Organization for the E-Tourism Industry (IOETI) & E-Commerce Club in Alexandria (ECC) and Center of E-Commerce and Technology in Cairo (ECT). Always seeking to learn something new every moment!

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Mohamed Soliman

Webmaster, Founder Of BeOnline-Sharm 

An experienced Webmaster with over eight years of planning and designing interactive media for the Web. Performed variety of SEO tasks including: keyword research, content development, site optimizations, brand management, competitive analyses and inbound link building.

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Why Choose Aqua Blue Sharm

Leading Online Travel Agency In Sharm El Sheikh
Aqua Blue Sharm has rapidly branded itself as an innovative Online Leading Travel Agency of Day Tours and Quick Excursions Based in Sharm El Sheikh.
UK Web Travel Agency Based In Sharm El Sheikh
Aqua Blue Sharm is UK Web Travel Agency with two Branches in Sharm El-Sheikh and Representatives in Cairo, Luxor, Petra and Jerusalem.
Aqua Blue Sharm In Business For More 20 Years
Aqua Blue Sharm in business for more than twenty years working through a unique professional excursions web portals.
Aqua Blue Sharm Speak Your Language Fluently
Aqua Blue Sharm provide excursions day tours to clients for many tourists from many countries with many nationalities.
Aqua Blue Provide Easiest Payment Methods
Aqua Blue Sharm provide you to book through our site without pay online at all and other websites that require payment online the full value of tours bookings.
Aqua Blue Providing You High Quality Service
Aqua Blue believes that the quality is top priority. This principle is central to all of the work that we do planning each trip and that  comes as a result of our long history of reliable.
Aqua Blue Believe In Your Safety Is Our Duty
Aqua Blue Sharm believe that provide safety and security to our clients during tours is one of our top duties, so do not worry, whatever happens our staff is efficient to deal with anything may happen accidentally.
Aqua Blue TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence
Aqua Blue Sharm got many reviews on TripAdvisor by our customers and always ranking in top ten during the years. also Aqua Blue Sharm Receives Certificate of Excellence 2013.
Aqua Blue Providing 24/7 Customer Services
Aqua Blue Sharm staff available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to answer your  Inquiries, Questions and Booking.
Aqua Blue Always Respect Time & Payments
Aqua Blue Sharm understand the value of your time and your desire to see your money well spent during your tour in Egypt. We think seriously about how to satisfy the wishes of out customer saving them as much time and money as possible.
Aqua Blue Believe In Principle Client Is Right
Aqua Blue Sharm believe in problem solving in the principle that the customer is right. so we will seek to solve the problems if it is possible to occur between the client and the site in a way that satisfies the client. Knowing we promise you that problems will not occur at all between us.
Aqua Blue Always Offer You Cheapest Prices
Aqua Blue Sharm always provide you cheapest and the best prices in the market and you can compare our prices and know our services and the quality of your tours and the our experience in tourism industry. you will know exactly that our prices is the best for you.
Aqua Guarantee No Hassle Cancellation Policy
Aqua Blue Sharm guarantee no hassle cancellation policy. We have the easiest and flexible cancellation policy. We appreciate plans change and you may need to cancel or postpone your travel arrangements. We therefore have a simple, no hassle cancellation policy.
Aqua Promise Fastest Reply To Your Inquiries
Aqua Blue Sharm guarantee fastest reply to yours inquiries, questions, bookings by e-mail within 24 hours or less.

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