Semi Submarine Adventure

Semi Submarine in Sharm El Sheikh; If you’re not a diver nor a snorkeler nor even a swimmer, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for the classic and somewhat shallow glass-bottom boat excursion. Try the semi-submarine instead on your next holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh. After being picked up from your hotel by our aqua blue sharm transfer man, you’ll board the famous boat and head for a 60 minutes tour through the Red Sea underwater. Time will fly as you’ll be watching with amazement the schools of colorful fishes evolving around the boat in their natural habitat, beautiful coral reefs, and divers have fun waving hi and watching their underwater response. Experience the beauty of the Red Sea’s coral reefs from a semi-submarine. See all of the colorful fish and beautiful coral while sitting dry in a Semi-Submarine. This is a great way to show the reefs for children or those unable to snorkel or scuba dive. All semi-submarines depart normally from the jetty in the old harbor of Sharm El Maya, and cruise the rich coral area surrounding Ras Um Sid. The typical semi-submarines can seat up to 36 passengers.

Tour Highlights
Pick up Transfer|Tour Leader|Drive to Marina|Entrance Fees to the Submarine|An Hour in the Submarine Under Water|Soft Drink|Drop off Transfer|

Tour Itinerary
Aqua Blue Sharm Rep will pick you up from your hotel in sharm to enjoy a fantastic underwater experience, large panoramic window give you an amazing view of the red sea’s coral, fish and other marine life.

Ideal for those wishing to experience the underwater world without getting there feet wet, air-conditioned with swivel chairs and views clear enough for photography, join us for and unforgettable underwater experience.


Trip Duration Trip Runs Pick-up Location Return To Pick-up Time
About 2:30 Hours Daily Selected Sharm Hotels The Same Pick-up Point Many Available Times


Red Sea Coral Reefs

Red Sea coral reefs are the northernmost in the Indian Ocean. Most of the Red Sea coast is rimmed by shallow submarine shelves and extensive fringing reef systems, by far the dominant reef type found here.
Red Sea fringing reef platforms are over 5000 years old, and the entire coastal reef complex extends along some 2,000 km (1,240 miles) of shoreline.
Most such reefs grow directly from the shoreline. The dominant, most actively growing corals include most notably highly branched species of the genera Acropora and Porites.
The Red Sea also contains numerous offshore reefs that defy classic reef type categorization. Included in this catch-all category are atoll-like rings of coral, elongated coral ridges that rise abruptly from considerable depths on both sides, and peculiar complex reef patterns of odd shapes. Such Red Sea coral reef formations are almost certainly the result of the active and unusual tectonic forces that have been at work here for millennia and continue today.

Exploring Red Sea Reefs

Scuba diving and snorkeling on the fringing reefs of the Red Sea became popular soon after the publicity, books, and films of the expeditions of Hans Hass and Jacques Cousteau in the 1950s and 1960s were widely disseminated.
Today, the most popular dive destinations along the northern coast of the Gulf of Aquaba (known as the “Red Sea Riviera”) include Aqaba in Jordan. Other popular destinations in the Gulf of Aquaba on the the Egyptian side of Sinai are Dahab and Taba.
Further south, along the western shore of the Red Sea, reef diving is well supported at Marsa Alam, El Gouna, Safaga, and Hurghada.
The very popular Egyptian reef diving center of Sham-el-Sheikh, located on the southern tip of the Sinai, has undergone rapid expansion recently.

Red Sea Coral Reefs Characteristics

The geological history of the Red Sea region is distinctive, and there is only slow and restricted water (and larval) exchange between this sea and the remainder of the Indo-Pacific region as a whole.
Thus, Red Sea reefs have developed a number of features that distinguish them from reefs found throughout most of the rest of this vast oceanic area.
Particularly important in the light of global warming predictions is the fact that Red Sea corals have developed an unusually high tolerance to the extreme temperatures, salinity, and occasional turbidity (caused by huge seasonal dust storms) that occur in the region. Such conditions that would be lethal or highly damaging to most hard corals found elsewhere.
Also, water clarity is exceptional in the Red Sea because of the lack of river discharge and low rainfall. Thus, Red Sea reefs are not heavily impacted by the suspension and dissipation of fine sediments that plague reefs in tropical oceans near large land masses.

Program Inclusions
Pick up from your hotel in Sharm & return
All transfers by a modern air-conditioned vehicle
An hour in the Submarine under water.
One soft drink aboard cruise
Program Exnclusions
Any Extras not mentioned in the itinerary
Tipping Kitty


Recommend to Bring
Digital Camera or Smart Mobile Phone with good megapixel cam


1-3 Persons Prices (GBP)
Prices Per Person Regular Price Private Price Notes
Adult 30 40
Child 25 30
Infant 0 0  


4-6 Persons Prices (GBP)
Prices Per Person Regular Price Private Price Notes
Adult 28 35
Child 22 25
Infant 0 0  


7-10 Persons Prices (GBP)
Prices Per Person Regular Price Private Price Notes
Adult 25 30
Child 20 22
Infant 0 0  


Note 1 For Over 10 Persons Contact us to get Special Price
Note 2 Adults 12 over years & Child’s 2-12 years & Infants 0-2 years
Note 3 Your party age on return date
Note 4 Confirmation will be received at time of booking.
Note 5 All booking is subject to our Terms and Conditions.


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